Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa, Baby: An Original Short from the Sentinels of New Orleans

I’m participating in Rabid Reads’ “Holiday Foreplay” event today, and am happy to present “Santa, Baby,” an original short-short story featuring DJ, Alex, and Jake. The prize: a signed book and an “Honorary Sentinel: New Orleans Prete Squad” T-shirt. Want the t-shirt signed? Just let me know.

Next, I’m visiting Lee at She Wolf Reads today, participating in her “Five-by-Five” feature. Five days, five authors, with each author picking five books that have influenced or made an impact on them. You can win one of my books, plus one of my five influential books (actually, it’s six because I cheated).

Last but not least, I’m at the Romance Magicians blog today, participating in my local RWA chapter’s Blog Marathon. We’re talking about our characters, so I’m answering some questions about DJ, Jake, Alex, and Jean Lafitte—things like what each of them finds romantic, what each is afraid of, and what their first reaction is when given an order. Commenters can win a signed book, and their choice of the Prete Squad T-shirt described above or a “Property of the Penton Vampires, Penton, Alabama (For a Good Time, call Aidan, Mirren, or Will)” T-shirt. Also signed, if you wish.


  1. this day is really fabulous
    once again thank you a lot

  2. This has been great fun. Very informative. We have learned more of the Sentinels world and the people that live there. Suzanne saved the best for last. THANKS!