Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jean Lafitte's Zombie Gift Guide?

The River Road virtual tour continues today…I’m at Marsha Moore’s blog today, dissecting the River Road book blurb, which is always interesting. And there’s a promo only at Bending the Spine. Both are official tour stops (so, yes, sorry--it's the same excerpt)—see the column at right for the tour prize list!

And, today's the first of what has become a holiday tradition on my Preternatura Blog: Your specialized holiday gift guide. Up today? Jean Lafitte's Zombie Gift Guide.

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  1. ^^ seems as i'm really not into zombie gift ^^;; i will stick with DJ an Jean on that

    Don't worry about the same excerpt i was just curious to know what it was the same and you answered , i understand well i just thought it would perhaps have been less "boring" to new readers to follow the post of the tour if there was omething ifferent: when you have an interview or a charactere interview etc that's perfect ( and it's the majority) or even a review but when it's just the excerpt i could understand why the motivation lessen

    thank you for the time you save for us though with you being as busy as you are i even appreciate that more