Sunday, December 2, 2012

Annotated River Road: Popeye's, Louis Armstrong, and Dimples

Today, instead of a scene snippet, I thought I'd do some more annotations. I can't offer up full chapters, of course, but I'll offer a little background on sentences from Chapter 2....

"I cursed Jean Lafitte as I hoofed it toward my parking place in Outer Mongolia..."

DJ has been visiting the Green Gator bar, owned by Jake Warin. It's located in the French Quarter on Bourbon Street at the corner of St. Peter. In reality, this is the site of a popular karaoke club called The Cat's Meow. And they have a live webcam, so anytime you want to see what's happening outside "The Green Gator," you can check this out! As I'm posting this, it's Sunday morning in the Quarter and there aren't many people out and about--only a few shopkeepers hosing down the sidewalks and streets for the start of another day.

"People from other places like to call New Orleans sin city, but it's been my experience that most of the sin is being committed by alcohol-soaked tourists."

Oh, this is so true. Except to eat at restaurants or (on rare occasions) to shop, New Orleanians don't go to the French Quarter often. I'd maybe go two or three times a year, mostly when folks visited from somewhere else. Which is a pity, because the architecture is beautiful and some of the city's best restaurants and antique shops are in the Quarter. But at night? Uh-uh. Full of tourists, many of them college-age kids who think staying drunk 24-7 is acting like a local. All that bad behavior during Mardi Gras? People are usually surprised to find that outside the Quarter, New Orleanians consider Mardi Gras a family event--the kids have a blast. The first photo is Mardi Gras in the Quarter; the second is Mardi Gras as I experienced it every year.

"A jazzy version of Louis Armstrong's 'What a Wonderful World' enveloped me in sound as I entered."

In this case, it wasn't the real Louis...but you never know. So here's the real Louis, singing "Wonderful World."

"Jake's wiry frame had bulked up in a good way, and he still had the shaggy, sun-kissed blond hair and amber eyes that had made my heart speed up. I hadn't seen the killer dimples yet, but I knew they were under that stubble somewhere."

When I write Jake, I always envision him as a younger, brown-eyed version of Josh Holloway. Of course, readers might imagine him totally differently, which is okay!

"I celebrated my bravery in confronting both Jean and Jake in one evening by a stop at the Popeye's drive-through, where a box of spicy fried chicken and a container of red beans awaited."

I love Popeye's and have missed it...until a month ago, when one finally opened here in town. I was among the first in line! Their red beans and rice are awesomeness.

"I'd inherited Sebastian, a cranky, cross-eyed chocolate Siamese, when my father and mentor, Gerry, died int he Katrina aftermath."

Sebastian is patterned after a cat belonging to my friend Lora. She adopted the cat from a military couple who were being deployed to Afghanistan and didn't want to let Sebastian go to a shelter. Lora renamed the cat Nagin (after New Orleans' then-mayor, who'd just made his now-famous "chocolate city" gaffe).

And that's it for chapter 2!


  1. 'What a Wonderful World', darn, that brought tears to my eyes. Josh Holloway, I always did like him on Lost. I have not been to a Popeye's, think I'll have to go try the red beans and rice. Thanks for the annotated chapter 2.

  2. Roger, I love that clip of "Wonderful World" -- such a beautiful song. I'm proud that he's from NOLA; I think he'd be amused/pleased that the New Orleans airport is "Louis Armstrong International."

  3. wonderful song yes^^

    thank you, i jhad no idea of what was popeye's so i'm glad for these annotations^^

  4. Miki--Popeye's is mostly (very) spicy fried chicken, although they serve seafood now, and New Orleans side dishes like red beans and rice and "dirty rice" (rice with spices and ground beef). It started out just in New Orleans, then spread through the U.S. Not sure if there are any outside the U.S. or not.

  5. the web cam..I was just there and want to go back so bad. I just saved that web cam site. I hope I see some cool stuff when it gets more busy. Too cool. Thanks for sharing as always. That is a mob on bourbon street. I would never go during Mardi Gras...that's just crazy.

  6. Isn't the webcam cool? It is fun to check it on a weekend night--craziness!