Monday, November 26, 2012

Twisting the Werewolf--The Shifters of River Road

Here are today’s stops on the River Road virtual tour. Please see the column at right for the full list of prizes! Both stops are official tour sites so you can enter for the tour-wide prizes as well as comment for the extra commenter prizes.

***I’m at the Urban FantasyInvestigations website today, talking about twisting the werewolf and shapeshifter mythologies in my Sentinels series.

***I’m being interviewed by Beverly at The Wormhole today--find out one of my writing quirks!


  1. an very good day, i loved learning about your version of loup-garou , it's always iontriguing to see how a smae myth vary depending on the region/area

  2. And Louisiana definitely has its share of myths and legends!