Sunday, November 25, 2012

River Road's DJ Visits Heartthrob Haven

Instead of my usual Scene-Snippet Sunday, I'll direct you today over to Heartthrob Haven, where I was able to get wizard DJ Jaco to sit down for a rare interview and dish on the guys in her life. What does she really think of Alex? Jake? Jean? Are there other guys we need to know about? (What about that odd new neighbor of hers, Quince Randolph?) This is an unofficial tour stop, but comments will enter you for the daily mystery book giveaway plus one of the two tour-wide $25 gift cards. PLUS, at this stop, I'm also giving away your choice of Royal Street or River Road, your choice of US or UK editions.

1 comment:

  1. ^^ thank you for this new opportyunity for a Uk edition of river road

    I loved to see DJ opinion on his men ( and yes Roger 14/14- it helps me when i don't have to be up at 1am ^^;;;; the time can be in your advantage but not always^^)