Tuesday, November 20, 2012

River Road: The Tour Goes On

Here are today’s blog appearances for the ongoing RIVER ROAD virtual tour! Details on tour prizes can be found in the righthand column.

***I’m being interviewed at VBOOK Life today, spilling info on me you couldn’t find on a Google search. Enter the Rafflecopter prize here for the eReader and tour prizes; comment for a chance at the $25 gift card and a mystery book prize.

*** River Road is being reviewed today at the Mother/Gamer/Writer blog. You can comment here to be entered for the $25 gift card and today’s mystery book prize.


  1. all done
    ( and i'm nearly ready for you too Roger ^^ so expect an email soon^^)

  2. LOL, thanks Miki--I'm keeping you guys busy!

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  4. don't worry Suzanne, it's a real pleasure for us