Sunday, November 11, 2012

River Road, Chapter 1: Read It Now!

Tuesday is release day for River Road, so we'll finally be able to catch up with DJ and company!

I've placed some buy buttons on the righthand column. If you haven't preordered, please give it consideration so we can make a big release day splash!

In the meantime, I've placed the first chapter here today. Click on the tab above to read it.

I will be embarking on a humongous blog tour, beginning tomorrow (Monday, November 12). It will last thirty days, there will be something different at each stop, and a pile of (always international) giveaways:

--A tour grand prize of winner's choice of a NOOK, a KINDLE, or $100 gift card to your online bookseller of choice.
--Five $10 gift cards to your online bookseller of choice.
--A mystery book winner among commenters at each stop, plus entry into a commenter's drawing for one of two $25 gift cards to your online bookseller of choice.

So if you follow the entire tour, enter for a tour prize, and leave a comment at each stop, your chances of winning something are HUGE. I'll announce each day's stops and prizes here, so stay tuned.

FINALLY, Stay tuned here for more info on book signings and online chats and such.

Happy reading!

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  1. 1 month of fun^^ i'm curious about what i learn this time^^