Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Release Day! Spot Jean Lafitte in the Wild?

Happy release day to me! River Road hits the bookstore shelves today, and I’m beyond excited. Royal Street was my love letter to New Orleans, but River Road is in many ways the first real book of the Sentinels of New Orleans series. We know the characters, the hurricane is gone, and things are settling into a new normal that, well, isn’t normal at all. Weregators, anyone?

I'm introducing the characters of River Road at my blog today. But also, a couple of giveaways.

IN THE WILD. Email me a photo of River Road on your local bookstore or library shelf, and I’ll send you a great bookmark and one of DJ’s special gemstone bracelets. Tell me where the photo was taken, and I’ll put it up on Facebook and my website. No limits on the number of photos you can send in, although each one needs to be taken at a different place. As soon as the book releases in the UK on Nov. 22, send ‘em in!

THE RIVER ROAD VIRTUAL TOUR. Big prizes (Nook, Kindle, $$ gift cards) are available as the tour continues. Enter for the tour prizes, and comment for special prizes. The prize breakdown can be found in the righthand column of this blog page, below the buy links.

Here are today’s stops on the River Road tour. There are prizes galore—check the column at the right for Tour Prizes. Today, you can find me at:

***DJ herself is at Night Owl Reviews today, talking about the hazards of dating outside one's species. Enter for the exclusive signed set of both Royal Street and River Road (if you already have the US versions I will substitute the UK versions on request). Also comment for a chance at the $25 gift card and a mystery book prize.
***Kimberly at Kimba the Caffeinated Reviewer is reviewing River Road today. Comment at this blog for a chance at the $25 gift card and for a mystery book prize.
*** I’m doing a quick promo at the Romance Magicians blog today. This is the blog of my local RWA chapter and the nicest bunch of authors ever. Comment at this blog for a chance to win a signed copy of River Road.
*** There's a quick promo-only stop at Booked and Loaded today as well. Here, you can enter for the tour-wide Kindle/Nook giveaway and one of the 5 $10 gift cards.
*** Badass Book Reviews has a review of River Road today! Comment at this blog for a chance at the $25 gift card and for a mystery book prize.


  1. Happy Release day!! Congratulations!! i managed to put my review on amazon too ( i tried before going to my course but it was too early so i did it first thing once i came back home^^)

    Normally i've done all today('s stop and yes Roger you beat me nearly too all today but i will be often with my new course^^ so keep the comment living until i'm there^^

    Oh in relation to one of teh post: are we going to have more info on Dante at a time?

  2. Thanks, MIki--the Amazon review is MUCH appreciated--those things make a difference!

    You will be meeting Dante in a future book, and DJ is NOT going to be happy to see him!

  3. Miki,

    Really great review at Amazon, enjoyed it much.

    Miki = 7 Roger = 6 Not that I'm counting.