Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Join today's Tor Chat (hashtag #torchat) for River Road

As you read this, I’m on the road and headed for New Orleans, so if I’m slow to respond to comments that’s why. 

At 4 p.m. Eastern/3 p.m. Central, I’ll be live on Twitter doing a one-hour Tor Chat. Use the hashtag #torchat to follow along, ask questions, make comments. I’ll be joined by fellow Tor authors Felix Gilman, author of the steampunk The Half-Made World, whose new release The Rise of Ransom City comes out November 27, and Joseph Nassise, author of the Jeremiah Hunt series, whose book King of the Dead comes out November 27. The general topic of the chat is the importance of setting and worldbuilding but, really, you can ask us anything!

Here are today’s stops on the River Road book tour. There are prizes galore—check the column at the right for Tour Prizes. Today, you can find me at:
*** I’m being interviewed at Sara’s Urban Fantasy Blog. Comment at this blog for a chance at the $25 gift card and for a mystery book prize.
*** DJ is at Cynthia Woolf’s blog today, weighing the pros and cons of the men in her life. Comment at this blog for a chance at the $25 gift card and for a mystery book prize.
*** I’m being interviewed at Kay Dee Royal’s blog today. Enter the Rafflecopter prize here for the eReader and tour prizes; comment for a chance at the $25 gift card and a mystery book prize.
*** There’s a promo and book review today at Book Liaison. Comment here for a chance at the $25 gift card and for a mystery book prize.


  1. If you like the cover: Bitten by Books has a cover poll on the web site:
    Best UF/PNR BOOK Cover for November 13 - 20, 2012 Book Releases
    You can vote for the wonderful River Road cover by Cliff Nielsen.
    P.S. River Road currently first!

  2. All done for today ^^ i hope yout twitter event will goes well, the topic is perfect because your world building is really great

    thank you, Roger i voted but if you just copy/paste your comment it loose its originality you know ^^ you can do better than that ( after all you have a month so if you are tired already it's not a good example^^)Lets prove how Suzanne's books are interesting and keep us so energized^^

    1. Miki.

      I really enjoyed your review on Amazon. Very nice.
      I was so happy with Amazon that they had sent my copy of River Road to arrive on release day. I did some repeating today to try and get some fans to vote for the cover at Bitten by Books. When I checked this morning we only had 6. Looking for a bigger lead.

    2. Amazon has this advantage but not in my case -_- it depend on where you lives i guess ( doesn't matter^^ i want all editions)as for the review, it was the one i did on my blog too, it's really easy to write a good review when we love the book as much as i did.
      Don't worry i guessed you wanted them to vote and it's great not a problem at all but i hope they will read it not just scroll down

      i was wondering... from a fan to another ^^ would you like a small handmade gift? ( you can aswer me by email it would be more easy i guess^^)

  3. Thanks for all your support, Roger and Isabelle--it is very much appreciated!