Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DJ's River Road Thanksgiving Cookbook

First, here are today’s stops on the River Road book tour. There are prizes galore—check the column at the right for Tour Prizes. Today, you can find me at:

*** There are promos only today at Sapphyria’s Book Reviews and at Blooding Book Reviews. You can leave a comment at these for entries in today’s mystery book giveaway and also to be entered in one of two tour-wide $25 gift cards to your bookseller of choice.

There WILL  be a tour stop on Thanksgiving Day, and each day through the weekend--tomorrow, DJ's going to be dishing on her guys at All Things Urban Fantasy, so stop by for the URL.

Finally, DJ's sharing some of her Gran's favorite Thanksgiving recipes at the Preternatura blog. Today is  main dishes and tomorrow will be desserts. And I'm giving away an out-of-print cookbook featuring recipes from the original Antoine's in New Orleans.


  1. all done^^ I'm curious about Antoine ^^ i hope Dj will go back to his restaurant with Jean soon ( even if alex must be furious at the idea alone^^)

  2. Thanks, Miki! Antoine Alciatore was an interesting guy. He and his family came from France by way of New York, where he hadn't made it as a chef and he wanted a new start. They owned a small boarding house in what is now the French Quarter. He opened the original Antoine's Restaurant next door to his boarding house. The restaurant is still owned by descendants of the Alciatore family and is the oldest family-owned restaurant in the US. You can read more of the history if you are interested: It is a VERY expensive restaurant, which is why I've been there only once.

  3. The cookbook sounds fascinating. I have a cookbook my neighbor gave me when it didn't sell at her garage sale. In the back it said you could get more information if you sent them a letter. Don't forget to attach your 2 cent stamp! LOL

  4. thank you a lot for these info Suzanne

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