Friday, August 31, 2012

Remembering Our Friends in Louisiana

The anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is a very emotional time for all of us who survived the storm and the post-hurricane flooding in the city of New Orleans. I consider myself a New Orleanian by heart and by choice, if not by birth.

This year, Hurricane Isaac struck on the seventh Katrina anniversary. It wasn't expected to be a catastrophic storm, but that quickly proved false. Please continue to pray for and send good wishes to the people of Southeastern Louisiana as they cope with yet another tragedy.

Plaquemines Parish is particularly important to me, and serves as a primary setting in my upcoming second Sentinels book, RIVER ROAD.

In an introductory note to RIVER ROAD, I stated that a percentage of all author royalties before and after the publication of RIVER ROAD would be donated to the Greater New Orleans Foundation for its oil spill relief fund, benefiting those in the fishing industry in Plaquemines, St. Bernard and lower Jefferson parishes whose livelihoods were decimated by the oil spill.

I will be requesting those donations to be directed toward hurricane relief for Plaquemines Parish, which will require years to rebuild. I was in Plaqumines a few months ago, and saw firsthand how people had finally begun struggling back from Katrina. They are strong people, they will survive, and we will help in whatever small way we can.


  1. I could not help thinking of New Orleans this last week. If a fan of the Sentinels wanted to make a donation to Plaquemines Parish where would we go?

  2. Hi Roger. I am trying to find that out myself--I suspect it's too soon to know, as they're continuing to operate in emergency mode. I'm monitoring the Plaquemines Parish government website ( to see what they most need after they've had a chance to take stock. Thank you for caring! I'll post something here once I learn what's needed. I'm sure the Red Cross will be working in the area, but I will also be looking for something that funnels the money directly to Plaquemines.