Thursday, December 1, 2011

Royal Street Cover--Vote for it!

The All Things Urban Fantasy blog is having its annual cover contest, and I just learned the awesome cover for Royal Street done by artist Cliff Nielsen is one of five nominated for "Best Sneak Peek for 2012." So...what are you waiting for? Head on over and vote!


  1. Suzanne - I voted for Royal Street this-morning.
    Don't tell Kim. Roger

  2. OMG, Roger--you just made my day! I saw my cover down below Kim's next one and almost had heart failure :-) But...I'll never tell!

  3. Sightings in the wild = Royal Street made Abigail's top 12 for 2012 list at All Things Urban Fantasy blog.

  4. That's so awesome, Roger--hadn't seen that yet. Thanks for making my Sunday morning!

  5. Another great cover by Cliff Nielsen.

    Shaedes of Gray by Amanda Bonilla
    Shaede Assassin #1].

    Will he be doing the cover for River Road?

  6. Yes, he will, Roger--I've already seen his rough sketches and I think it's going to be super-cool: DJ in the swamps (with gators)!

  7. Sightings in the wild #2 = Royal Street:

    At "A Great Book is the Cheapest Vacation".

    "Most Anticipated 2012 Releases & Covers [Part 1].

    Check-out April.